Stakeholder Identification and Prioritization

Anybody who is affected positively or negatively, by doing a project or by delaying a project is a

stakeholder. From a project management context, the main stakeholders are;

  • Owner of the project

  • Contractor

  • Sub-contractors

  • Consultants

  • Government agencies

  • Suppliers

  • Political leaders

  • Local citizens

  • Environmentalists

  • Social groups etc

The first step in stakeholder analysis is to prepare a stakeholder list or register.

After preparing the stakeholder register, the next step is to classify them based on their interest in the project and their power to influence the project outcomes.

Stakeholder Analysis

  • Stakeholders can be classified into four segments based on their power to influence the project and their interest in the project. These four segments of classifications are;

      • High power - High Interest (Manage Closely)

      • High power - Low Interest (Keep satisfied)

      • Low power - High Interest (Keep informed)

      • Low Power - Low Interest (Monitor - minimum effort)