How to use PMdistilledGuide effectively to Master Professional Project Management?

Welcome to the exciting world of professional project management.

This online guide will be useful for;

  • Anyone who want to master professional project management as per a globally accepted standard (at present, the contents of this guide is developed in comformity to the Project Management Body Of Knowledge (PMBOK) by PMI, USA and the Scrum Guide)

  • Those who are preparing for project management certifications like;

Here are some tips to get the best out of this online guide;

  1. All the contents of this site including video lessons, reference material and assessment tests are free and all are welcome to use them for their study of professional project management.

  2. Every lesson starts with an introductory video. Watch it intently as a student to understand the concepts. It will be better, if you can take notes while watching those video lessons.

  3. After watching the video, go through the reference text associated with the video. The text is highly structured to make it easier for the learner.

  4. At the end of the modules (10 modules) there are assessment tests. Do these assessment tests till you score full scores.

  5. For small projects, some of the concepts may sound redundant. For example, if you are managing a small team of size 5, all at the same location, you do not need a communications plan, where as in a metro rail project, or for any large projects the number of stakeholders can be very high. In these large projects a communications plan is mandatory. Because of this reason, position yourself as a project manager of a very large project while understanding the concepts. That way you will be able to appreciate the concepts better.

  6. Whenever you have doubts, contact me and get it clarified.

  7. Will be super delighted, if you can share this guide to your friends and colleagues who may benefit from this. Do not forget to share your success stories with me. That is a great motivator.

Wish you a very happy and fruitful learning experience !

Abrachan Pudusserry (Aby)

How to use this online guide for PMP certificaion?

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