Enterprise Environmental Factors (EEF)

Will you start a new project in a country which is badly affected by a pandemic? Will you not check for the medical facilities available before investing? Will you start a project in a country where there is political unrest?.

  • These days large project endeavours look similar to enterprises and PM plays the CEO role within projects.

  • Large projects are getting more and more complex and project failures will eat into the profitability of the enterprise, if not wiping out the enterprise.

  • Understanding the project enterprise’s environmental factors upfront will help to factor them into Project plans and manage them pro-actively.

Examples of enterprise environmental factors (EEF)

  • Labour laws

  • Bank interest rates

  • National holidays

  • Manpower costs

  • Political stability

  • Climatic conditions

  • Probability for extreme climatic conditions

  • Local culture

  • Government rules

  • Transport facilities

  • Geographical conditions

  • Trade unions

  • Manpower availability

  • Corruption levels

  • Historical data

  • Legal systems

  • Health care systems

  • Health and safety norms

  • Payment terms

  • Payroll norms

  • Taxation etc

These are just examples. A good understanding of the Enterprise Environmental Factors (EEF) will help to estimate, plan, execute, monitor, control and close projects successfully.