Introduction to Agile Project Management (APM)

Earlier we discussed about Predictive Project Management. Now, get an overview of Agile Project Management. Here are the key points;

  • Agile project management is a common term used for a family of frameworks like;

    • Scrum

    • XP

    • Crystal

    • Scaled Agile

    • Disciplined Agile etc

  • Of these Scrum is the most popular one because it is generic enough to apply to various domains, whereas others are more software engineering specific.

  • Agile project management is ideal for projects where the Scope is either not clear or rapidly changing and / or technology is also new to the team. Most of the new product development and R&D projects falls into this category. Even the architecting and engineering phases of EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) projects are suitable for the application of agile.

  • Contrary to Predictive project management which revolves around Plan-Do-Check-Act or the PDCA cycle, Agile projects revolves around rapid Plan-Do-Study-Act or PDSA cycles known as Iterations or Sprints (in Scrum) which are time boxes of less than 30 days

We will be discussing more about this in Module#6

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