Module#4 Planning quality, resource, communications, risk, procurement, stakeholder engagement

  1. Plan quality management

  2. Plan resource management

  3. Plan communications management

  4. Plan risk management

  5. Plan procurement management

  6. Plan stakeholder engagement

Module#5 Project execution


  1. Direct and manage project work

  2. Manage project knowledge

  3. Manage quality

  4. Acquire resources

  5. Develop & manage team

  6. Manage communications

  7. Implement risk responses

  8. Conduct procurements

  9. Manage stakeholders

  10. Monitoring & Controlling

  11. Closing project / phase

Module#6 Agile & Hybrid

Agile & Hybrid

  1. What is agile?

  2. When to apply agile?

  3. Agile team organization

  4. Key agile ceremonies

  5. Agile estimation

  6. Agile artifacts

  7. Definition of Done (DoD)

  8. Monitoring & Controlling

  9. Hybrid project management

Module#7 Models & Methods

Models & Methods

  1. Introduction to models & methods

  2. Situational leadership II

  3. OSCAR Model

  4. Cross cultural communication

  5. Gulf of execution and evaluation

  6. Hygiene and motivational factors

  7. Intrinsic Vs Extrinsic motivation

  8. Theory of needs

  9. Theory X,Y,Z

  10. Managing change

  11. ADKAR model

  12. The eight step change process

Module#8 Models & Methods

  1. Virginia Satir change model

  2. Transition model

  3. Cynefin framework

  4. Stacey matrix

  5. Tuckman ladder

  6. Drexler / Sibbet team performance

  7. Conflict model

  8. Negotiation

  9. Planning process groups

  10. Salience model

Module#9 - PMP Exam practice

Exam practice

Doubt clarification

Module#10 - PMP Exam practice & Application Guidance

Application guidance

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Abrachan Pudusserry (Aby)

Experienced and passionate project management professional with indepth knowledge of Agile, Predictive and Hybrid project management. Also like to work with teams to improve their Agility. Had the opportunity to work closely with multiple organizations to transform their teams from waterfall to agile using scrum. I am also fortunate enough to train more than 15,000 professionals from various geographies on professional project management best practices. The PMdistilled PMP program architected and delivered by me helped many to suceed at the PMP exam on the first attempt itself without spending too much time for preparation. Not only that, When I talk to them after a couple of years, they are always grateful for learning the concepts from both exam perspective as well as practitioners perspectve which really helped them to implement the concepts at the workplace. Since the latest PMBOK and the PMP exam covers both predictive and agile, it has become more valuable.

I passed my PMP in the year 2004 (not renewed). PRINCE2 Practitioner, Certified Scrum Master (CSM), Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP) are the other project management certifications I gained, before understanding the universal truth of project management Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) of Deming.

As an employee, I had major and meaningful stints at HCL, Novell & Wrench Solutions. At HCL, I gained experience in I.T project management. Novell gave me opportunity to gain insights into software product development. Wrench solutions, the makers of SmartProject for the Construction sector helped me to understand EPC Project management to a great extent. I am grateful for the opportunity to teach Project Management to the business management students at XIME as a visiting faculty.

As a consultant and coach, I was fortunate enough to be invited by major corporates like Intel, Microsoft, Toshiba, Sony, Ericsson, ABB, Oracle, Infosys, HP, Qatar Electric, Kuwait Finance House, National Bank Of Oman, PDO and several other small and medium size organizations for customized project management trainings for their teams.

Holds a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from MSRIT, Bangalore and a Master's degree in Quality Management from BITS Pilani. Founder Director at The Project Management Research Institute