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At the end of the project management training, the participants asked for reference material. Unfortunately, I had to recommend a 400 page book, just becuase the PMdistilledGuide is not formally published yet. That was a wakeup call for me to re-start and  complete the PMdistilledGuide. I have been thinking of publishing the PMdistilledGuide leveraging on the knowledge and insights acquired over the past 30 years as a practitioner, trainer, coach, mentor of professional project management. Unfortunately, this important and not so urgent activity was getting low priority. Now, I want to do it with Scrum, which will help me and the project management community to enjoy the immediate as well as long term benefits from this project. I am using Scrum framework on jira to to do this personal project of mine. PMdistilledGuide will have;

Those are the epics of the PMdistilledguide Project. Again, they are not final. Already I started thinking of additinal stuff....

By following this project site, you will learn to develop anything using Scrum framework using Jira software. When the project is completed, you will get the PMdistilledGuide as well...

Abrachan Pudusserry 


Starting with the EPICs of PMdistilledGuide